Our stud removal services, STUDBUSTERS® and specialized tools have revolutionized the industry, saving time and money in the removal of studs, bolts and pins. In most cases, even the largest studs are removed in seconds with no heat build-up in the threaded housing, and no damage to the threaded portion.

Using traditional removal methods, which are often extremely labor intensive, approximately half of the studs removed will incur damage to either the housing, the studs, or both. The primary reason these methods prove to be ineffective is side loading, the mechanical binding of the threaded surfaces against each other.

Our techniques and tools solve the side-loading problem. Attached to an air gun, our tool fits over the stud. When the air gun is turned on, the jaws on the inside of the stud are forced inward (centripetal force) by two cams machined on the inside diameter of the stud tool. The jaws ride on the cams until they close and lock on the stud. These jaws are 180° apart, creating an equal gripping force around the stud. The tool is designed to be center driven, which transfers 99 percent of the energy from the air gun to the tool and stud. The torque and harmonics from the air gun break the static hold on the stud and allow it to be freed. Consequently, the tool locks on the stud, and thus, becomes part of the stud. If the stud does not rotate within 10 seconds of the tool actuation, the stud is deemed to be seized and cannot be removed via this method. This removes the likelihood of the threads being destroyed by a forced removal.

Key Features
› Removes all side-loading problems
› Equipment powered with pneumatic energy through air guns
› Reduces stud torsion
› Does not bounce on stud

Stud Removal Times

Stud Size
½ ” to 1″
1⅛” to 1½”
1⅝” to 2″
2⅛” to 2¾”
3″ to 4″
4″ to 5″

2 secs.
3 secs.
4 secs.
7 secs.
10 secs.
12 secs.